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  • John Simpson (Sunday, August 16 15 04:01 pm BST)

    Hi Andrew

    Great to meet you and the boys at Sunderland. Great win! Maybe I should meet you before every game! Take my hat off to you guys for the journeys you make. Mind you I travelled further than you did on
    Saturday!! Fellow Scot in Norwich. OTBC!

  • Chris Thomson (Monday, July 06 15 01:24 pm BST)

    City til I die. Norwich fan all my life started going back in the day when Phil Boyer and Ted McDougall played up front. So good to see Norwich has a Scottish following.

  • Charlie Hatch (Wednesday, March 12 14 04:48 pm GMT)

    Great seeing more Canary fans! I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Another guy from the area made a random Ohio Canaries twitter, but it's a bunch of nonsense. Stay in touch!

  • Terry Jones (Tuesday, January 08 13 08:52 pm GMT)

    Hi, great to know there are other canaries up here. Live just north of Invergordon since moving up 2 years ago. Canary fan since early 70's and season ticket holder for many of them. Missing not
    going to the matches but get regular updates from mates who attend. Frustrated that cannot get Radio Norfolk on the Internet so at least could listen to the games. Any one that wants to contact me to
    discuss NFC would be welcome. Question - does anyone arrange attendance at games as a group? Hope to hear from other NFC fans

  • Billy (Monday, November 05 12 06:09 pm GMT)


  • jamie hart (Monday, June 04 12 01:16 pm BST)

    wonderful site well done